UK Warrior ‘Vampire’ Mouth guard – The Ultimate Gum Shield for Boxing, Martial Arts, Karate, Rugby – Ideal Teeth Protection For Contact Sports – 100% Sterile Carry Case Included With Fitting Instructions – 100% Money Back Guarantee

UK Warrior Vampire Mouth Guard The Best Gum Shield - Boxing Hockey Karate Rugby UK Warrior Vampire Mouth Guard The Best Gum Shield - Boxing Hockey Karate Rugby
Sale Price: £6.99 - £7.99


UK Warrior's revolutionary 'Vampire' Gel sports gum shield for boxing, karate, rugby etc. Our brand new design now puts users into a more comfortable position whilst the gum shield is in the mouth and guarding it with almost complete weightlessness. With our quick boil and bite chemical formula, gum shields will be able to fit directly into user's mouth after boil and be ready for use almost instantly. With our innovative grove designs users can ensure that teeth damage will be minimal the grooves have been specially designed to be shock absorbent therefore heavy blows to the mouth in games like rugby, football and hockey shouldn't affect the teeth at all with the mouth guard in place. The soft side walls of the gum shield will ensure no discomforts in the mouth and should feel extremely comfortable for the user. This is an essential for participants in activities such as martial arts, rugby, football, hockey and many more.


  • UK's NO. 1 SELF-FIT MOUTH GUARD - Our gum shield has been designed to take into account the heavy impacts and hits that martial artists, boxers, rugby players, etc. have to face during every performance
  • WANT SMARTER PROTECTION IN AN INSTANT? Our mouth guard has been designed to allow you to boil, bite and fit the mouth guard perfectly within a matter of seconds without compromising on it's extreme gel protection
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE GEL TECH DESIGN - Our gum shields feature smart protection gel tech grooves which allow for supreme breathing ability and shock absorbent ability to allow you to perform at your very best every time!
  • COMES WITH 100% STERILE CASE - We know how much hygiene means to you when it comes to gum shields, thats why we package all of our gum shields into 100% sterile cases which allow you to keep your gum shield clean when not in use
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If for any reason you find that you are dissatisfied with the mouth guard you have received, message us and we'll send you a full refund. No questions asked!

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